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This is an experimental “live broadcast” for English learners everywhere. Please be patient as we are learning how to use this cool tool.  You can simply watch it here (viewer below) or you can participate by clicking on the “Join” button.  Be sure to check your mic and video.

The same link will also allow you to view the recording.  Note that this new application (Vokle) is a bit geeky.  I hope we can make it work well enough to decide if we wish to continue with it.


Survey says!

Summary of “Future Online Learner”

The survey conducted during the second week of June, 2012.  I am not sure if the low response was due to timing but I think we got enough to draw some indicators.  This survey will stay up because I am including it as one of the steps in the “Earn+Learn” series with my Edupunk gang.  Before reading further, please take the survey.  That way your answers will not be affected by other’s opinions, we truly wish your raw ideas. To view or take the survey (please do) click HERE

As of publishing we had 34 responses.  If you wish to view the most current summary click HERE.  .  And to view all the data in a Google spreadsheet, click HERE.  We had a nice distribution of responses.  No country overwhelmed the survey so I think this is fairly representative of “world” opinion.

Rather than giving my observations and evaluation of the data in this part of the blog, I will create comments (at the bottom) based on each of the categories.  Please try to respond to the individual comment threads.  This will make it easier to follow the discussion. If you are reading this somewhere else, the link to this original blog post and full comments can be found HERE.

Final note, I expect Brad of Edulang (our sociologist in residence) to blog separately on his observations.  The link to his … stay tuned.

Please view other responses below in blog posting comments.

Future Learner Survey

A 2 minute survey, if you please ;-)

A recent survey by Brad Peterson of Edulang (an online testing service that is way cool) asked some interesting questions of teachers.  He asked them what the future of online classes might be like.  I thought it would more interesting to find out what you thought.  If you cannot see this form (survey) I will place the questions in a comment below this blog posting.

Note in the upper right corner of this blog page is a “translate” button.  (See the pretty flags? That’s it.)

Thanks for your help!


PS I double dare you to click on the heart below.

teachers directory

Second form test

This test is for China and Iran

The previous test ( LINK ) was not accessible by some countries.  It was based on the Google Docs form builder and was tied to a Google Spreadsheet.  Unfortunately almost everything Google is blocked.  Please try this one.  Note that I have also shown the report from test one below.

It was extremely easy to learn, though I did not do any fancy stuff.  I only used one tutorial that came up by Google search to figure it out.  I was sad to discover that China and Iran could not access but found a very interesting benefit.  Those of us who blog and create content in forums (like WizIQ E-teaching ) find it extremely hard to get a discussion going.  I do not know why but it is frustrating to not get responses.  Within 3 days on WizIQ I got over 10 responses.  It seems that adding a poll like function can be a boon to getting a discussion going.

Mind you, I and most do not like the stupid polls that many conduct on social sites.  But with a little thought and planning, we can make our topics much more inviting and inclusive by adding some simple form responses for the more casual or timid viewer to engage in.  Just sayin’… Here is the link

ESL Olympic Trials

Olympic trials begin!

At The Edupunk, we are continuing to slowly build up games for improving your English.  We have a long way to go but we are getting there.  Where is there? The Edupunk channel hopes to one day have a full schedule of fun activities to challenge and grow your English.

Team Punk (those experimenting and giving games) are now 8 leaders strong. Peter, Balqis, Tammy, Roger, Halina, Sylvia, Marcus and George are conducting weekly games/fun activities.  There are now 28 official members (paid to join) in The Edupunk representing 11 non English speaking countries.

We will now be tracking results of daily gaming winners (by country) for bragging rights.  This will also help us to prepare our format and teams for the proposed ESL Olympics in April of next year.

Note that currently anyone can attend the daily games on WizIQ but only official Edupunkers will be entered in our official results table.  Please consider joining, it is only 3 dollars US, here is the LINK.

The standing will be published on this Google Docs spreadsheet (it’s empty right now) but we will create a cool world map later which will show your country-team standings. Here is the link.  The following picture is an idea of how our live tracking map will look like.

The original ESL Olympics post can be found HERE

This article and all things Edupunk can be found HERE