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The following represents our ideas for the year 2011 and are kept here for archival purposes.





5 ways to pay / join

1… cash money

You can simply pay the 5 dollars (USD) via the pay function at WizIQ. Once you have paid for your first class, you will receive a daily invite to all of the remaining classes offered for that month. You will not be asked to pay again. This is the simplest way to get started. You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link:

You may also arrange to make payment to any Edupunker who can forward the amount to George. This will take a little bit of time but it may be more convenient for you do to Paypal limitations in your country. You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link:

2… give one 1/2 hour class per week

Edupunk Teachers like to Deconstruct

Everyone can teach, everyone should teach. This is one of the core principles of The Edupunk. It matters not what you teach (or share if teach feels wierd). The long-term goal is to create a channel with 24/7 classes. We prefer to start with English centric offerings to our market but as said anything is OK. It may be a support class for Karaoke ESL in your native language. It could be simply a help desk in your native language for Edupunk stuff or how to do things at WizIQ. It can be how to fix a bike! By giving the classes (4 in December) you will forgo the need to pay the 5 dollar fee or any future monthly fee as long as you follow our guidelines for your class offerings.

We will be conducting weekly Edupunk workshops for conducting classes. They will be on the weekends. This will help you better understand how to teach and what we would like to see in a class. For now you would do the following:

  1. Go to our lineup (click here) to see the basic class description (about one paragraph) we need to enter your class offering into our lineup. Make your own and send to George with other items described below.
  2. If you can, create a blog posting or webpage to give your students additional info. E.G. support materials, how to join class if not on the WizIQ platform, any additional directions you wish the potential student to have. (Note that you can conduct your class anywhere you wish, Skype, Blueteach, but you can only assume that they know how to access WizIQ.
  3. Find a teaching partner. This could be anyone who can cover in case of your absence or technical issues that might prevent you from conducting a class. It is suggested that you both give a class following each other. This is important because there is only one unforgivable sin (OK almost unforgivable) at our channel… a no-show, for any reason, is a BIG problem. Each is responsible to have a fail-safe plan. The show must go on.
  4. Send all info and links to George at my email: gmachlan gmail com

You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link:

3… become a “Tweener”

Peter - Shogun of China

If you are new to the Edupunk this will be hard to explain. We have identified 3 main components of our movement. Item 2 (above – teaching) is what we call the “Producers”. Item 4 (below – start a cell) is what we call the “Team Leader”. The “Tweener” is the part or function that falls between those two. Peter is the first of these Tweeners. He is an entrepreneur in China who knows how to build a business and wishes to help all parties connect and facilitate the business, marketing, money handling and coordination activities for us to all grow.

As a tweener the first thing we need is a way to collect moneys from those who would join us but do not have access to paypal. This simply means that you would develop some banking capability to receive funds in your country and pass funds on to WizIQ or George. While we are not ready to be an international organization yet. Still it takes a framework and the tweener is a critical part of our future plans. 50% or half of every fee is retained by the Tweener for his/her pay. The rest is set aside or forwarded to The Edupunk (George for the time being) to be applied to our financials. This is completely on the honor system now. After you have facilitated two learners payments (e.g. 2 x $5.00) you would then have a profit of 5 dollars which would pay for your monthly access.

The other functions of Tweeners will be covered in future weekend “Edupunk Workshops”. The one thing I would ask immediately is that you begin by offering a weekly 1/2 hour help desk in your native language for explaining the Edupunk to all levels (Team Leader, Tweeners and Producers) in your country. Please talk to George directly if you wish to pursue this role. You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link:

4… Start an underground school cell

This is the core of our dreams. The backbone of any organization and social group is the grass-roots members. We have yet to convince anyone to try their hand at this but it is our deepest desire, AT ALL LEVELS to ensure that whomever attempts this is given our utmost attention. We will not spare any efforts at supporting this “Team Leader”. If you wish to try your hand at having some friends or family over to your house and computer, you may assume that every member in our organization will be at your beck and call.

In a nutshell, you would pay (this month of December) 5 dollars for over 80 hours of classes. You would simply be the facilitator and coordinator of their efforts. You should be able to convince them that they should share in the costs you have incurred. Say the price of a cup of coffee? OK do the math… You should become profitable before any other part of this great endeavour.

If you are interested in this profitable alternative that means you can make money for helping others learn, call George or any “tweener” directly. My Skype ID is gmachlan You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link:

5… Perform a support task

Over the next couple of months I will offer some of you the option to do small jobs for me in lieu of the monthly payment. This will range from class specific tasks such as doing translations for the Karaoke English song worksheets to Marketing functions for The Edupunk. It will depend on your abilities and interests. This will allow a few of you who are a bit shy of the above ideas to have some time to look around and help without making a bigger commitment. But, this is a temporary solution not a permanent one. You are expected to find your niche and become a fully functioning part. Otherwise, you will be welcome to simply attend and be a passive learner by paying the monthly access fees.

You may contact George if you wish to help with these odd jobs. My wiziq message box is at my bio page here:

You MUST also make George a “contact” at wiziq in order to receive the daily invites. You can do this at the following link: