Business Plan for The Edupunk Channel

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NOTE:  if you wish to collaborate in  the editing of this document, send your gmail address to  Some of you will locate pics, or create your own, some will create music, others will simply pose questions.  All who will, and are (wo)men of good hearts, are welcome to help us define this ongoing idea.

Please keep additions concise (short) if you need to make a long discussion, kindly link to it or ask George to create a sub page for inclusion as a link within a shorter statement herein.

No corrections (grammar, spelling etc.) are permitted.  We will have a joint meeting(s) to edit and finalize.  The several parts will inform the whole as to what items do not make the final cut.  Once we decide on the first three (beliefs, values, mission statement) they will become the guidelines for all other parts.

I suggest you pick a color for your comments to help you keep track of the items you post, as we will be organizing the comments (reordering as things become confusing).  We will not delete but you may have to search for your misplaced comments and ideas.


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