Core Values

Business Plan for The Edupunk Channel


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No corrections (grammar, spelling etc.) are permitted.  We will have a joint meeting(s) to edit and finalize.  The several parts will inform the whole as to what items do not make the final cut.  Once we decide on the first three (beliefs, values, mission statement) they will become the guidelines for all other parts.

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The following is a list of distinctive core values ………………………………………………………..
This would be the things that we think are important and commonly held  within our activities.

1. We will redeem the culture from within the cloud or digital learning environment.  We will embrace things new/different.  We will maximize  discordance/change holding all that is unique as a likely divine appointment by a creative God who shows that  change is good.  We will strive to be a dynamic fellowship that will test change and accept it  … if it brings hope, knowing that there is always a cost but the benefits are life and a constantly growing organism.

Every human was created equally perfect for their societal role in beauty, intellect.  And noble, with gifts, talents, life experiences and burdens which makes each uniquely qualified to participate in this life and our organization.  The eternal value endowed by the Author of each (be they male or female; young or old; rich or poor; dumb or smart; etc.) and calling to each, to use said endowments are of critical importance to the individual as well as the fellowship.  We will hold all within our influence to be accountable to their calling, we will exhort, admonish and even censure those who do not respond positively to what they know to be their calling.

Historically societies have broken free of old paradigms by  calling and using  the disenfranchised to the exclusion of the individuals and groups in power.  We will not knowingly limit the potential of our corporate future by imposing our prejudices, role restrictions, cultural restrictions, or legalistic manipulation that fit with traditional paradigms. We will share with one another: equal respect, dignity, importance and submissiveness

Familial type/size units are the natural core building blocks of any holistic society.  Our fellowship will work with individuals but the goal is to build them into real world groups of supportive friends with Team Leaders. The Teams or familial groups will be our ultimate responsibility to heal, support, mentor and relate to its members (the Teams via the Team Leader)  as a whole, viable and integral organism.  We will admonish all to form teams and hold teams as the most important part of our organizational being.

Casual learners (and teachers) are normal within the Cloud Universe we serve and explore.  There will be those who wish to strive and discipline themselves to excel in a particular field and/or in a short amount of time.  Those who choose to pursue edutainment or less strident forms of self improvement will be welcome and feel comfortable within our diverse tribes at The Edupunk. We do not seek to create a “master race” we propose to maintain a community of like minded travelers and learners, be they “high achievers” or casual recreational learners.

This will be a real economy.  The desirable benefits of a market economy with winners and losers (financially) provides the best chances of long term viability.  It will be considered healthy and desirable for those who wish to earn an income via our association to do so.  All must bring something of value for trade to encompass the broadest range of digital learners.  Money is but one form of value, but it is critical for a real-world sustainable community.

We will not solicit nor allow organizational endowments or ownership.  We will be an economy within our membership.  We need no one but ourselves for our financial viability.  The Edupunk will be a free association of independent people freely cooperating in common goals.

The red pill is always preferred over the blue one. (reference to the Matrix movie)