The following link is a YouTube album with all of the songs available for Karaoke ESL.  We do NOT use the video for learning spoken English, only audio MP3′s.  The videos are simply to help you get an idea of what we call popular American songs.

The following list shows  songs for use in Karaoke ESL.  The link behind each song name will provide  information about each song.  Each month we feature three songs.  An easy one, an intermediate one and an advanced song.  The classes will focus on the intermediate song but whichever song you choose, your coach will assist you during class time.  Here is a LINK to our schedule of songs.

NOTE:  If the song you are interested in does not have a translation available in your native language, we will happily work with you to create one.  Contact George via this email

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All the materials are perfectly prepared. Congratulations on your results.


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