ESL Dog Millionaire

One of the proven game show formats for our Edupunk channel is ESL Dog Millionaire.  Everyone loves a winner and everyone identifies with an underdog.  We all have a need to identify with someone who strives to excel and to succeed.  This listening exercise emulates the IELTS exam but with a twist.  You will listen to a short narrative and then begin the test.

The test is not as easy as the IELTS because it will not be multiple choice.  However, you are competing as a team.  The more people you can get to join you at your computer, your team, the better.  Further, you will be competing against the entire audience.  If they cannot answer the question which you answer wrong, you will be given a “pass” and allowed to continue.

All is fair in this game.  The only thing that counts is a correct answer within the alloted time.  One day we hope to offer real prizes. For now, you will simply be competing to have “bragging rights” as a winner.  Later we shall have team elimination competitions to find a country and finally a world champ. 

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Jai Ho!

ESL Dog Millionaire update

Last week I had such a bad cold that we had to stop class early.  We are getting tired of the narratives used for the game.  Please help to find better narratives.  We need very easy ones that a child could do at the beginner level.  The intermediate level might have common English that would take place on street or just talking with new friends including some American slang.  The advanced portion/level might have academic or intricate directions about something.

I am also going to be introducing some TV type effects today.  I am still hoping to get a couple of you guys to help with these special effects types of aspects to make it more like a TV game show. 

Note that I will not be sending individual invites anymore.  There is a calendar of all classes at the bottom of all class blogs for your use.

This week

Last week team Russia, China and Germany crashed and burned.  Germany looked good until the final round.  Remember that you may have as many poeple on your team as you can get into your house to participate online with.

This week team Germany failed miserably at the beginner level.  Team Shanghai (China) did not do well at the intermediate level.  Team Dubai (UAE) was a big surprise.  We thought she was mentally challenged at first but after a bumpy start she almost took it all!  There were some complaints from the audience about the million dollar question but that was just because they had fallen in love with her winsome ways.

Please view the recording before reading the following text which is provided for your review.  You should try the game by just listening as that is the purpose of the class to improve your English listening skills for the IELTS.

Beginner Story:

Nancy wants to live a long time. She wants to live for one hundred years. She is five years old now. She wants to live 95 more years. Then she will be 100. Her father is 30 years old. He wants to live a long time, too. He wants to live for one hundred years. He wants to live for 70 more years. “Daddy, we will grow old together, okay?” Nancy said to her father. “Yes, honey, we will grow old together,” he said to Nancy. Then Nancy smiled. She gave her daddy a big hug.

Intermediate Story

Sara Smith, a Pasadena resident, went shopping. She is 30, and has lived at 3037 N. Foothill Street since 1992. Sara has been married to John for seven years. They have two children; Bob is five years old and Nancy is three. Sara owns a 1995 four-door blue Toyola. At 9 a.m., Sara got into her car and drove to Barget, a department store a mile away.

Barget was having a holiday sale. Sara bought a four-slice toaster for $29.95 plus tax. The regular price was $39.95. She paid by check. On her way home, Sara stopped at MilkPlus to buy a gallon of nonfat milk. The milk was $3.50. Sara got 50 cents back in change.

Sara arrived home at 10 a.m. John and the kids were still sleeping. She woke them up and then made a hot and nutritious breakfast for everyone.

Advanced story
Thief with sweet tooth steals $40K in cheesecakes

By Walter Pacheco

December 29, 2009

A thief with a sweet tooth made off with more than $40,000 worth of stolen cheesecake and a refrigerated truck on Dec. 26, police said.

Orlando police said the truck’s owner had parked the semitrailer truck at 8440 Tradeport Drive about 3 p.m. The victim said he turned off the ignition, left the refrigerated trailer running and walked away from the vehicle.

When he returned, the truck was missing. The owner told police he had all the keys in his possession.

The truck is valued at $50,000 and the refrigerated trailer is valued at $120,000, police records show.

Police did not have leads on the whereabouts of the sugary goods.

New Game Show is finally launched


This is an experimental class series for IELTS listening practice. It is based on the “Who wants to be a millionaire” TV game shows. All attendees can participate in a passive role to improve their English listening skills.

Active participants (those who are the featured contestant) must do the following:

  • Arrive on time to test their microphone
  • Have a good Internet connection speed
  • Have a headset

Preference will be given to the following:

  1. Have a team that is physically present with you
  2. Have a webcam with minimum 500KBpS connection (5MBpS)

There will be three levels of contestants


1 beginner (children are welcome in this category)

 2 intermediate
 3 advanced
 This class/game is meant to have fun. If you have a bad attitude or cannot enjoy the learning experience, please do not become a featured contestant.
 PS George tends to tease and partake in friendly banter. But sometimes he becomes rather intense. This is important as one of the additional goals (beyond practicing English) is to desensitize the contestants of their fears of performance during testing situations.
 PPS Please help by locating and suggesting source materials for our games. We also would appreciate any help you would like to offer this could even include becoming a host, producer, and even something simple like providing music backgroud like a real gameshow would have.