Science + English = Gaurav’s Nerdville

Gaurav in Science Chic

We are happy to introduce our first official Science Nerd to the Edupunk.  Gaurav Walia looks normal on the outside, even handsome, but on the inside…  Scientists are not known for being cool, they are known for having some of the coolest toys on the planet.  This class will contain weekly topics in the scientific realm.  Hopefully, it will prove to be a fun way to practice your more technical English vocabulary.

Gaurav will be offering classes on Sundays. He has not settled on a particular “fun” dynamic yet. He  hopes that you will come to his  experimental class so that you can help him discover “fun” for learning English. For WizIQ class links

Gaurav’s  bio page on WizIQ:

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Have you kissed a scientist today?

They need love and encouragement too!

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