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Daily we conduct a conference call at 6:30AM NY time, but can meet at other times if you contact me through FB messenger. you can find me on facebook here:
To access an UberConference from outside the United States, follow these instructions.
1. Dial the local number below based on your location.
2. Enter your host’s conference number,260-222-8215 then #.
Argentina 011 5352-7853
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Daily conference calls for all


And so, we begin anew. I am George Machlan and I hope to become a friend of yours. We are all on a journey through this life. The journey can feel so overwhelming at times. Must we walk alone through this? Is there a better way?

I am satisfied that there is only one way to successfully navigate this life. And that way is with the person-God named Jesus Christ. If you are looking for some company during your stay on planet Earth, why don’t you join me and some friends? We hold ourselves to a promise to first build each other up. Secondly, we constantly remind each other of the ”big picture” which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And finally to do whatever it takes to ensure none are left behind.

We are just getting started but invite you to join in a daily conference call. 6:30 AM Local time New York (11:30AM GMT) If you have a headset on your internet enabled computer go to this link: Join the call: 


I’m Back


Digital art by Bruno Werneck

Has it been over a year?  I have had several students and a couple of fellow teachers (Halina in Poland and Beth in Brazil) begging me to become active in teaching again.  I have missed all of you very much and wish we could go back to the old days, but that cannot be done.

My current life goals are fully focused on Kingdom Building.  Most of you know that I have a very strong faith walk.  My days and free time are now devoted to working with homeless and hurting people.  I am also very active in home church building.  This is basically disciplining others in their walk with God. Having said that I am now proposing a joint venture with you guys.  I know that the main demographic of students were non-Christian but many still wish to have cross cultural and cross faith paradigm discussions.

I propose that any past ESL students or teachers who wish to join in a conversational English session can join me online via a phone conferencing app called Uberconference. You can open a free account which adds a bit more functionality but there is nothing you need to buy. Do not buy anything, this conferencing device is free to all who join my meetings.

If you have a smart phone you can get a free app at Apple or Google by searching for “Uberconference”

This voice only conference will be free to all users.  There are apps for Android and Iphone devices.  I and any user can also log into a meeting with a regular phone but you will have to pay your local phone rates for on-air time. Here is the list of countries that you can dial in from CLICK HERE

Over the next few weeks I will be testing this new platform with any who wish to participate. Note that this will be a conversational English event primarily targeted to Christians or those who wish to discuss the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Please follow updates and contact info at the FB page HERE

Experiential Learning


Note: this is a draft version of the intro to “Experiential Learning” complete notes (narrative below) and audio will be posted later.

Intro to Experiential Learning



This week we embark upon a new path. All of us have spent much of our adult lives hearing God’s word through study, preaching, reading, etc.  Some of us can quote chapter and verse much of it.  All of us seem to have problems getting to the transformational living that scriptural knowledge is supposed to effect in our lives.  This new path is an experiment to find a better way of getting those heart changes consistently deep into our hearts.

The scientific community has made great strides in understanding human memory systems and learning processes.  First big fact is that there is a world of difference between what we name head knowledge and heart knowledge.

story about thermo-dynamics

Experiential (heart) knowledge almost always takes precedence over book (head) knowledge, much of heart knowledge is below consciousness and happens in autopilot mode we tend to use the word feeling or in our gut.

Second, it has been shown that there are many brain memory systems but today we will consider the difference between left brain and right brain systems.

facts, like a data base or library
autobiographical memory
highly focused, to the extreme

implicit memory begins before birth
story and context of entire life
big picture
is connected to our body, literally
non verbal
experiential a complete recording of everything in our lives but is perspective based
4 levels of control decides what the left brain can accept

Thirdly ,Left brain centric learning has dominated Western culture at least since the printing press. At the least ,we are unbalanced in our approach to learning and especially ethics/behavioral outcomes of our knowledge.

story of fallen intellectual/spiritual giants
our experiences not doing what we want to do… acting like our true self
think Paul and many biblical stories

Hypothesis for our experiment:

There is one (of many) ways to get around our problematic left brain biases. It (the work-around) is a deeply created part of all humans.  We have the ability to download experiential (heart) knowledge from other humans whom we can synchronize our brains with.  No, it is not a Vulcan mind meld.  We actually have the ability to live vicariously through another.  This sci-fi like ability is called (dramatic pause ;) )… story.

The magic phrase which engages this doorway to our brain is similar to the magical phrase “open says-a-me”.  This magical-neural gateway will allow our heart to access, control and experience knowledge as God intended it to be received, in a life changing way that satisfies the entirety of our being, body-mind-spirit.

“Jesus never taught without story” the phrase to reopen our minds to a full and holy living of scripture is… ( drum roll here ;) )
“Once upon a time…”

We will start with the book of Acts. Every night this week individually, we will simply read the passage (scene within a given chapter) and then meditate on it.

In out next meeting we will keep our Bibles closed and retell the story as a group.  Everyone will add the parts they remember and fill in the parts of the story the others left out.  Like remembering something that happened in our past with each of us bringing our perspectives and nuanced insights of what happened on that day in the life of the early church.  We will not interpret meanings or lessons, just what we remember of the events. This may include impressions and implicit memories ( e.g. Peter had a frown on his face and the hair on my neck stood up).

After we are satisfied that we have retold the story as completely as possible, we will look for some meaning and lessons. The key experiment is to jointly re-experience the event as possible.  As we grow in the lost art of oral story telling we will refine that skill.  Story seems to be such an integral part of the Biblical way that we can expect many nights rediscovering the magic of “Once upon a time…”

Act 1a
Title: The Promise
Acts 1:1-5
Characters (spoken lines =v1,2,3…)
Luke v1
Jesus v4

Oxymoron plus video = parody

If you have enjoyed our series of oxymorons, you may be ready to go a step further.  Parody is a popular device, particularly in films, to make fun of over-used archetypes.  For the next month on Colingo, we will focus on oxymorons, but if you wish, we can review a few parodies like this one from college humor web site.

What items within this film made you laugh?  How would you describe the nuanced humor found within this or other parody films ( e.g. “Scary Movie”)

Parody on Wikipedia

parody (pron.: /ˈpærədi/; also called spoofsend-up or lampoon), in current use, is an imitative work created to mock, comment on or trivialise[citation needed] an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of satiric or ironic imitation. As the literary theorist Linda Hutcheon puts it, “parody … is imitation, not always at the expense of the parodied text.” Another critic, Simon Dentith, defines parody as “any cultural practice which provides a relatively polemical allusive imitation of another cultural production or practice.”[1] Parody may be found in art or culture, includingliteraturemusic (although “parody” in music has an earlier, somewhat different meaning than for other art forms), animationgaming and film.

This pardoy of Dora The Explorer can be found on the “College Humor” website.  Note that this site is not a polite group and may be offensive.

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